Attic insulation in the woodlands

Is Your Home Under-Insulated?

Most homes in our area are under-insulated. This cost homeowners money in energy cost month after month. In our region it is recommended to have at least R39 insulation value in your home.  All Pro Home Services offers free evaluations of your attic to verify your current R Value.  

Save Big on Your Energy Bill

During our hot summer months, your air conditioner is working hard to keep your home cool. By having a properly insulated attic, you can reduce this load and save money on your energy bill. On average, clients can see a reduction in their energy costs by 15%-30%. 

Free Evaluations

All Pro Home Services is ready to come to your home to perform a free consultation. During the consultation, we will evaluate your entire attic, looking for any safety issues, proper ventilation and other areas that need to be observed prior to adding blown in insulation in The Woodlands. When we have completed our evaluation, we will cover your options, sometimes this is to do nothing at all. 

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