ATTIC VENTILATIon in the woodlands

Why does it matter?

A balanced ventilation system in your attic is crucial for regulating temperature all year, it’s especially important during the hot Texas summer months, when the sun beats down on the roof and causes the attic to heat up even more, a solar attic fan in The Woodlands can help remove that heat. Improper ventilation can contribute to heat and moisture buildup in the attic and can sometimes even increase the temperature in your living space. Excessive heat and moisture can cause damage to shingles, wood framing, sheetrock and even paint. Proper attic ventilation in Conroe will save you money on your energy bills.

Active Ventilation vs. Passive Ventilation

  • Passive ventilation is more or less, leaving it up to Mother Nature to ventilate your attic. When passive ventilation is used, the attic temperatures can easily reach 140 degrees! 
  • Active ventilation actively removes the heat from your attic by using a powered attic ventilator. We recommend solar attic fans in The Woodlands.

Go Solar!

As you can see, a solar attic fan in Conroe is the way to go! When we install one of our solar powered attic ventilators on your roof, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is eligible for a 30% tax credit! 

We Have The Solutions

We know how to decrease the load on your home, by taking care of the problem areas in your attic.