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What are the advantages of ductless a/c systems?

There are many reasons to consider ductless a/c units in Montgomery. When sized and installed by a professional, these systems can efficiently  cool and heat your home room by room.

Here are some of the main benefits of having a ductless system professionally installed.

  • No ductwork required: Ductless mini-splits can cool and heat any room without the use of any ductwork. We can install the air moving portion of your system either on the wall, or in the ceiling. Either location gives that room full coverage and total control.
  • Whole Home Zoning Applications: Again, without using any traditional type of ductwork, we are able to control the temperature in each room based on real time demand.
  • Heating and Cooling at the same time: In a whole home application, we are able to cool one room while heating others, or heat one room while cooling others. This is the perfect solution for home with those pesky warm and cold spots.
  • Quietest Operation: Ductless a/c units operate so quietly, most of the time you don’t even know they are running. It’s total comfort unnoticed!
  • Highest Efficiency in One Room Comfort Control: Our ductless a/c units offer the most economical way to heat or cool any one space such as the Man Cave, She Shed or Workshop!

All Pro Home Services is your local Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

This means that we have taken all of the necessary steps to become qualified and certified through Mitsubishi Electric. We have chosen to partner with Mitsubishi Electric because they continually hold their contractors to a higher standard, thus offering you a better product.

Choosing us for your ductless a/c unit installation means you will get all of these benefits:

  • A consultative approach to evaluating your comfort needs
  • Extended warranty availability
  • A professional installation
  • A contractor that cares about quality 
  • Customer service after the installation is complete