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Here at All Pro Home Services , we believe in strong, family values. As a veteran-owned business, we’ve been in the industry since 1999 and now have more than twenty years’ experience in A/C repair, A/C maintenance, and installation.

Founded by Johnny Kerr, a husband, dad, and Montgomery Texas resident, alongside his wife Tracey, All Pro Home Services has gone from strength to strength, helping to keep local A/C units in good working order, as well as install new ones.

John and Tracey set up their business with a view to putting family values into the somewhat commoditized A/C installation and servicing industry. Their goal was to set up a company that would not only serve their family and their three beautiful children but would also help other people in their community in Montgomery, Texas. Rather than relying on a large provider, customers would be able to come to John and Tracey and get good old-fashioned service, with an emphasis on quality.

John and Tracey didn’t just want to help local residents install new A/C units: they wanted to add a personal touch to every home visit. John and Tracey represent the American way of life at its best: free people serving each other in the pursuit of happiness and excellence.  Their strong values mean that their business about doing their part for the community.

As a veteran, John believes in putting family first. As a husband and dad, John sees his company as an example to his children of how to build a great enterprise that offers customers real value.

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