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Having your gas furnace inspected every fall is very important, here are a few reasons why.

To Keep Your Family Safe –  While your furnace circulates air throughout your home, you don’t want it circulating dust, airborne pollutants, or even harmful flue gases along with it. Your furnace is designed to keep harmful flue gases that are a byproduct of the heating process, separated from your from the air that is circulating through your home. Over time, and sometimes prematurely, the heat exchanger can become stressed to the point of fracture, creating cracks.  These cracks can, in some cases allow harmful flue gases to be introduced into the air you are breathing.

Ensure That Your Furnace is Operating Properly – Your furnace is designed to work under very precise operating parameters, having an annual inspection will verify that your system is operating correctly. We will use our over 20 years of experience to properly determine whether your system is running as designed. Here are a few things we will inspect: 

  • System Static Pressure
  • Proper Gas Pressures
  • Verify Integrity of Heat Exchanger
  • Condition of Ductwork
  • Igniter Operation
  • Gas Valve Operation
  • And More

Decrease The Likelihood of Failure – Having All Pro Home Services check your gas furnace every year increases the chances of finding those issues that may not have presented themselves yet. A planned repair is always better than an emergency repair! 

System Efficiency –  When your gas furnace is running properly, is clean and safe, it will save you money. With rising energy costs, you will want your system be be operating at peak performance. 

If you have a gas furnace in your home and would like more information about having a licensed contractor take a look at the HVAC system, please give us a call at 936-777-5001 to book an appointment.