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Let’s face it, cleaning your gutters is not the most fun task to perform around your house. However, it is extremely important and we’re going to talk about the reasons why. 

Roof Damage

Leaves and debris will clog your gutter and when this happens, you can expect to start experiencing wood rot at the edge of your roof due to excessive moisture build up. Rotting wood under your roofing material can lead to serious damage to the interior of your home. 

Fascia Damage

The fascia board is that board that runs along the edge of your roof right behind your gutter. When water overflows from your gutter, this board can become damaged and weakened by the excessive moisture. This can also lead to the gutter falling completely off your home!!


Many pests will find your clogged gutters a very appealing place to call home. Everything from birds to beetles to mosquitoes might find this a good place to hang out. 

Over Watering of Flowerbeds and Garden Plants

Your roses don’t want to be flooded! Most plants only need a certain amount of water and your clogged rain gutters will contribute to over watering of these plants. You will experience yellow leaves and less production of the plant, whether it be flowers or vegetables. 

Gutter Holding Bracket Damage

The excessive weight from your clogged gutters will result in damage to the brackets holding your gutters on the fascia board. When brackets start to fail, the entire gutter can fall of your home.